Above Ground Pools

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Above Ground Pools

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Make a bigger splash this summer in your own Above Ground Swimming Pool from Aqua-Fun Pools & Spas.

It will enhance the beauty of your backyard and, at the same time, provide a great way for the entire family to get more pleasure out of those hot summer days.

Why Choose An Above Ground Pool?

  • It's affordable
  • It's convenient
  • It's easy
  • It's high quality

Check List for purchasing Above Ground Pool

  1. Purchase your pool in the size you want.
  2. Contact your city and apply for a pool-building permit.
  3. Contact Diggers hot-line 800-242-8511 to mark all underground wires
  4. Contact installer & excavator, get on the installation & excavation schedule
  5. Contact an electrician getting on their list.  Re-contact electrician when installation of pool begins so pool can be running shortly after the install.
  6. Enjoy your new back yard entertainment.

Guidelines for Proper Pool install

Not all pool installations are equal.  There are some fine points to a quality pool installation that maximizes the life and enjoyment of your pool.  Installers should be professional and dedicated to providing the best installation possible.  They should return all phone messages within a 24 hour time frame and carry liability insurance.

  1. Every pool subgrade should be compacted with a plate compactor making the bottom as hard and smooth as possible.  Pool should be troweled making the sand as smooth as possible to accept the liner.  Installers should wear special troweling shoes to insure footprints are not left in the sand.
  2. Patio blocks are laser leveled and shimmed using shingles NOT backfill or sand that can settle over time.
  3. Any sharp pieces are duck taped off for safety.  All “overlap/expandable” liners are stretched in properly using nylon rope to guide the liner.  Installer remains on-site when the water man comes to fill the pool and stays until the water is high enough to know that the job was done right.  You should have a “wrinkle free” installation guarantee.
  4. Installer connects the skimmer, return fitting, filter system and options (chlorinator, solar panels, etc.).  Filter maintenance and operational procedures are explained after the install (show and tell type process).

Some contacts for installation, excavation and electrical are listed below.  It is always recommended to call around for quotes.  These are separate companies and not related to Aqua Fun in any manner.

Things To Think About Before You Purchase An Above Ground Pool

What are your priorities when evaluating your backyard pool experience? Consider the following questions:

  • What do you see your main use of the pool being? Relaxing? Family Fun? Fitness? Entertainment?
  • Will your pool get used every day? Weekends only?
  • How big or small do you want your pool to be?  Who will be using the pool?  How many people on average will be in it at one time?
  • Does the look matter to you or are you going to build a deck around it?
  • Do you have a preference in terms of construction materials?


What is your budget for your back yard experience? Remember you are not just buying a pool think about if you want a deck or landscaping around the pool.  Also make sure to have money aside for chemicals and additional accessories.  Above ground pools can meet all kinds of budgets.

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